• First consulting Certify ISO-15189 in Latin America
  • 2005 Food Prize Foundation agro produces of Nuevo Leon
  • Nuevo León Award 2005 Quality municipality of San Nicolas de los Garza. N.L.
  • Ford Q1 Award CIMSA
  • Prize for best public university in Mexico with the Universidad Autonoma de Baja California (UABC)
  • Prize of the state government of Baja California by promoting competitiveness and economic development right through the training program for the development of suppliers 2010
  • BIZZ Award 2013
  • Latin American Quality Awards 2013
    Confirm the recognition product of their compromise to continuous improvement.
  • Silver Seal Latin American Quality Awards 2013
    Demonstrates the commitment to responsible business practices to drive organizational change and improvement.
  • 40+10 actions
    Validates accession, compromise and promotion of Total Responsibility actions.


LAQA 2013