The business simulation programs

They offer several programs based on simulation workshops.
Can download from the page of each of the simulators.
They all share certain distinctive characteristics in common:

Target Audience

  • In-company training
  • Students open courses, both graduate and executive education
  • As a module of management development programs own campaign

Infrastructure Necessary

The workshop is conducted in a room with the usual facilities: pizzarron, flipchart, etc.. and in particular:

  • A beamer
  • Internet access to the instructor machine


Students and employers are becoming more aware see the cost-benefit. Programs or modules that provide practical and applicable tools lose priority or are dismissed.
Not enough information and training (as they like to believe to some business schools) also have to train and train for action: These workshops incorporate skills to do, and bring it to reality by the workshop during.
Activities historically had such prohibitive costs, because of the complexity and infrastructure needed-and not so-
The game is played on a computer platform: Each team works on a computer competitor. The program and the database reside in a central location which should have access, via wired or wireless network, all equipment machines. There are two possible scenarios:

  • Working in an existing computer room, which normally sets the IT staff.
  • Using Instructor own laptop plus a preconfigured router. Students use their own laptops, which connect to WiFi node within moments and run directly the resident program instructor machine (no need to install anything on the machines of the students). See also the support page

Teaching Mode

They are theoretical and practical workshops, classroom.
It is an evolution of the case method: solve the real case, quantitatively with immediate feedback of the effects of decisions, in competition with other actors.
As such, it is crucial the role dle instructor: nothing further from remote little game via Internet


Simulation workshops are available in English and Spanish. They are used in several countries

Some References

These workshops have a rich history simulation, born around 1990 for Master of Industrial Management, Faculty of Engineering, UBA.
Evolved both in concept and in its teaching platform, are currently MS Visual Studio applications.
They are used in undergraduate and graduate business schools, such as the ITBA, the EOI, and MATERIABIZ UTDT, and internal training programs for large and medium enterprises as the Techint group, Siemens, PhilpMorris, Coca-Cola/EDASA , Saporiti, and others.